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Adam Merook is HSL Researcher of the Month!


After finishing my B.S. here at Tennessee, I began my M.S. work under Dr. Papanicolaou with a focus in hydraulic structures at the Hydraulics and Sedimentation Laboratory. My thesis concentrates on the hydraulic analysis of engineered logjams (ELJ) composed of dolotimber matrices and how surrounding flow structures influence scour development in gravel-bed rivers. Laboratory experiments in a constructed flume model of three ELJ structures with a gravel bed seek to characterize scour geometry at bankfull and 10 year-flows by quantifying scour hole evolution both temporally and spatially using velocity approximations via infrared imaging and large scale image velocimetry (LSIV), depth-reading sonar technology, and calculations of bedload mass transport. Utility to project stakeholders includes flume evaluation of their current engineered logjam prototype design and improved design equations for instream bank protection construction practices in gravel-bed rivers.

Featured in the video below are infrared image collection efforts for large scale image velocimetry, allowing velocity calculation with minimal flow disturbance by analyzing temperature gradient over known distance and time. These measurements will be used to inform a 2D hydrodynamic model to simulate flow and scour around the ELJs under a wider range of flow conditions representative of snowmelt mountain streams, allowing for more accurate prediction of scour depth in gravel-bed rivers.

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